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XPest provides both domestic and professional pest control service with an etiquette-guaranteed workmanship mainly based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To ensure the safety of our customers, we focus mostly on investing premium quality, yet affordable pest control materials which are 100% safe for usage.

We offer free consultation 24/7. Hence, never hesitate to start enquiring whenever you are in a state of doubt or requires pest control service allocation urgently, because XPest is always on standby for you.

Based on specific locations and availability, we may offer services in certain Petaling and Klang areas as well.

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Termites feed on the high-quality wooden frame and furniture in your house and they are obviously what we meant by a home-wrecker. Unless you have routine inspection scheduled annually, almost all houses have the risks of being infested. When it happens, knowing some tips of how to solve it instantly would be handy. Do note that termite infestations cannot be controlled with DIY techniques. So, the know-hows listed here are merely temporary solutions before you reach a licensed professional like us for help.


Rats are basically disease-carriers. Also, the damages they cause to the furniture and household items are unbearable, causing permanent destruction. However, acknowledge the differences between a mouse and a rat. Both of them may look the same on the outside but identifying the right pest is crucial for us to work out the best solution to get rid of them. There are some techniques which applies effectively to the both of them but their behavioral differences makes the control procedure totally different.


Mosquitoes are pests which could lead up to death due to malaria and dengue. With random mating amongst the species of mosquitoes, it becomes hard for us to even distinguish if mosquitoes in our houses are harmful ones or not. With that saying, it is absolutely crucial for you to know all the management techniques used to combat these pests. Read on to know the products and devices that are established for the best mosquito management both DIY and by professionals like us.


It is obvious that you would not want a bunch of ants swarming around your property. Ants are not exactly categorised as one of the most dangerous pest. However, it still depends on which species they are. Many of us thinks that black ants are harmless and only red ants are harmful, but how much do we exactly know about the different species of ants? Different species of ants behave differently, and of course, brings different level of harm to us. So, here are some ways to get rid of those pests that you might want to consider.


There is zero chance that you would have never encountered a housefly in your entire life. Let’s face it- facts such as flies are attracted to only stinky and unhygienic are basically myths. Even the cleanest houses would probably had a few flies floating around. However, as annoying as they may seemed to be, flies are not classified as extremely dangerous pest, so learn more about their origin, their species, what harm they would bring to us and more importantly, ways to get rid of those pests by using both the DIY techniques and by professionals.


It is never a comfortable thought to have bedbugs creeping in your mattress as you sleep through the night. People often thinks that bedbugs are not something to be cautious about, but little do they know that the skin rash caused by bedbugs and the allergic reac-tion of their bites might cause some really severe issues to certain people. Aside affecting victims physically, bedbug bites could as well affect them emotionally. Here are a some tips for you to eliminate those pests and get a good night’s sleep that you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my house / property checked for pest, particularly termites?

For most properties, a yearly inspection for presence of termites is good enough to minimise the probability of termites destruction. However, it also depends on a few factors such as the location and the condition of your property.

Are chemical spray residues used by pest controllers harmful for my family?

Products used by XPest  are fully-tested and the safest. We have carried out treatments service in more sensitive areas such as the hospital, kindergarten, schools as well as shopping malls. To ensure close up to 100% of safety for customers, we will usually vacant the area before  carrying out the treatment, especially when pregnant lady, baby, senior citizens and asthma-conditioned people are around in that area.

Which areas in Malaysia does XPest cover?

Up till now, XPest provides service in KL, Selangor, which includes Petaling Jaya, Klang and Shah Alam, as well as Malacca, Pahang and Penang.

Can I use pesticides on my own?

You can carry out pest control treatment on your own definitely but it would be advisable to use milder pesticide chemicals in case if you are unfamiliar with its dosage, its damages would not be that severe. However, before doing that on your own, you would want to seek advice from professionals like us. Do not hesitate to contact us, we do offer free consultation as well!

What if pests are still present after XPest service? Is it under a warranty for the re-servicing?

XPest treatments are under three months warranty, which means that if you realized that pests are still present in your property which has been treated by XPest within three months after the treatment service, XPest will carry out a free-of-charge treatment service for your property.

Is there a difference between white ants and termites?

There are no difference between termites and white ants. White ants are just layman terms to most of the people which brings the same definition as termites.

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“Very knowledgeable and professional technicians. They are willing to answer all my questions politely. I am very assured with the work done at my apartment.” Sarah Rashid
“After being terrorized by infestation for months, XPest came by and dealt with things just like that. Loved their professionalism and customer service.” Aditya Gopalan
“We are really impressed with the representative that visited our house. They explained the issue and got rid of the infestation at once. Price is beyond reasonable and was worth the excellent service.” Nurul Najwa

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